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Metal Expert Europe Steel Trade Conference 2013 at the Grand Hotel Dino

The conference took place on 8-9 April, 2013, in Grand Hotel Dino, Baveno, Italy.

The location was chosen as the conference location as it is a pleasant resort and developed business event site, laid on the shore of Lake Maggiore about 30 minutes away from Milan Malpensa Airport and one hour away from Milan City Center. All of this offers a good setting for steel industry professionals to meet, network and discuss their pressing concerns in the beginning of new season.

The conference was a significant event for European steel market participants. It provided an opportunity to get an excellent grasp on the realities and pending developments of trade and distribution within Europe, as well as on trends in steel imports from key foreign sources.

The Programme of the Conference was rather aimed to address trade matters, such as demand conditions, pricing, regional trade and distribution diversities, import needs and impact. And to discuss about topical issues as steel production in Europe, situation in different market segments and consumption perspectives in order to deep analyze dynamics and future developments.

At the end of the meeting a Gala Dinner, for the 50 participants,  took place at the Royal Restaurant of the Grand Hotel Dino.