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Great success for the party dedicated to Sorrento that took place at the Grand Hotel Dino

Great success for the party dedicated to the beautiful town of Sorrento which took place in the magnificent garden of the Grand Hotel Dino, full of flowers and trees that go down to the shore of Lake Maggiore.
The buffet dinner, realized by the staff of starred restaurant “Il Buco”, led by the patron Joseph Aversa, have gained immense popularity among the hundreds of people who came to the royal garden. The participants had particularly appreciated the pasta dishes pasta, thanks to the creations of the Setaro factory from Gragnano. The desserts, all authentic delicacies of Campania, were made by the maître pastry chef Antonio Cafiero, “La Primavera” from Sorrento.
The music entertainment had been by Claudio Fiore. Representing the city of Sorrento was the Deputy Mayor with responsibility for territorial marketing, Joseph Stinga.

Zacchera Hotels,Baveno,StresaZacchera Hotels,Baveno,StresaZacchera Hotels,Baveno,Stresa