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    We are well aware of the critical points that hospitality and food service professionals pay most attention to. We’ve always tried to anticipate their future requirements. We ask researchers to study and inform us about upcoming trends and we cooperate with other leading companies in specific sectors, sharing know-how and productions solutions.Our buffet products, designed for the public eye and for direct and easy use, are versatile, practical to maintain and pleasing to look at. But above all they are designed with an eye to the future, to the evolution of taste and habits, of social relations and of the market.

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    Lagostina believes cooking is an art deeply wowen into our pattern of life and that, with elegant performance products, joy is to be found in cooking and sharing around the table.The Lagostina Family history can be traced back three generations. Carlo and his son Emilio first formed the company Lagostina in 1901. Emilio was heavily involved in the community and was made a Knight of the Crown in Italy. Emilio passed away 1948 and handed the torch to his 2 nephews Massimo and Adriano.

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    I think that this will be the goal of design in the future (or at least, my goal for my future in the sphere of design): transforming the gadget function ascribed to objects by the consumer’s society into a transitional opportunity, namely into an opportunity for consumers to improve their perception of the world.
    This kind of activity is typically paradoxical in the original meaning alongside the rule, the norm, the standard, as a means of grasping the so-called reality of the world and of life to its full extent.
    In the future most of our products will continue to be marked by a high degree of innovation and experimentation, as we believe this is the way to develop our ability to set trends, to promote our fame and to create a culture medium aimed at developing those projects we like to call Super & popular.

    Alberto Alessi

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    You don’t need to settle for anything less than best at Serravalle Designer Outlet. With 180 exclusive of your favourite designer brand stores, shopping turns into something much more than just “buying”: it turns into an emotion. When you visit this Outlet – the first one to open in Italy – its like taking a discovery tour through the suggestive historical centre of a typical town in Liguria, set in the green hills of the Gavi zone. Give into the excitement of convenience, elegance and bargains with 30% to 70% off, all year round: big designer brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and Versace are within everyone’s reach here and you’ll also be in for plenty of surprises and dedicated promos.