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    Spend a memorable day nestled in the beautiful Lake Maggiore countryside.
    Run wild in nature! Rock climbing, crossing suspended bridges, bouncing to incredible heights, shooting down breath-taking waterslides, pedalling across rough terrain… Hundreds of ways to have fun and test your limits, as a family or with friends.
    In one of the most beautiful spots in Italy, overlooking the shores of Lake Maggiore, in Baveno, nestled between the shimmering gems of the Borromean Islands, dotted along the crystalline lake and the majestic profile of the Mottarone peak.
    The Aquadventure Park is the first adventure park to open on the shores of Lake Maggiore. A unique and thrilling way to discover the great outdoors, surrounded by uncontaminated nature. Where water and earth take centre stage and provide the occasion to enjoy a great day out all together.
    Safety comes first at the Aquadventure Park, guaranteed by competent staff and state-of-the-art equipment and structures.
    However, the Aquadventure Park is not ‘just’ a theme park, it’s a way of experiencing nature in an active way, playing and having fun. In fact, the staff is more than willing to organize activities which combine passion for sports, with love for nature and exploration of the territory. Sailing, trekking and canyoning are just a few examples of the excursions available on the splendid Piedmont shores of Lake Maggiore.

    The magnificent shores of Lake Maggiore which the Aquadventure Park overlooks are equipped with the safest and state-of-the-art facilities to ensure you have an exciting and entertaining day out.
    Under a light blue sunny sky, surrounded by a magical panorama, guests can try out exciting sports and games, alone or with friends and family. Each age group will discover something that suits them perfectly.
    Ranging from bungee trampolines to cyclocross, from rock climbing to high ropes, from beach soccer to tug-of-war, each activity is a special moment and becomes a treasured memory.

    Water is one of the elements which make this area of Piedmont so spectacular and enhances the enchanting Lake Maggiore landscape. The fully equipped Aquadventure VIP beach, covering an area of over two thousand square metres , welcomes guests to relax on the lake shore, in a truly unique setting.
    Another beach is adjacent to the two swimming pools, one for adults and the other for children, making the park a complete venue. In the winter season, the pools are covered by a glass dome, so the facility is operational all year round.
    In addition, the waterpark area has three different waterslides, for those seeking an adrenalin rush and thrills.