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The Lake Maggiore plays a central role within a large area of ​​wide tourist tradition, which also includes the nearby lakes Orta and Mergozzo, as well as the mountains and valleys of the Ossola. The abundance of natural attractions and sophisticated accommodations makes the area ideal for family holidays in the lakes, cultural days, and romantic weekends or for congress tourism.

The lakes offer beautiful landscapes that capture the look, such as that of the beautiful Borromean islands that gently bathe in the waters of Lake Maggiore, on which overlook ancient villas, magnificent palaces, and beautiful gardens all to visit.

The surrounding mountains are ideal for athletes who want to enjoy the snow (during winter) and fornature lovers, who can enjoy hiking, crossing natural parks and WWF oasis where it is possible to admire some rare protected species of flora and fauna.

Lake Maggiore offers a myriad of opportunities, that every tourist can customize according to their own interests, relying on expertise and professionalism of the staff of the Zacchera Hotels always available to provide guests with all the information and support required to secure booking visits and events in the most beautiful places on Lake Maggiore.