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Lake Maggiore is an eco-friendly destination

The city of Baveno, that is home to four of the most important hotels involved in the project “Lake Maggiore Green Meeting”, launched the “Baveno Eco Challenge”.  Flowered terrace of the Borromeo Gulf and over the centuries a crossroads of famous travelers, Baveno – town of 4,969 inhabitants in the province of Verbania, located on the western shore of Lake Maggiore – has retained its soul tradition also developing a deep dedication for tourist accommodation. It’s story became the collective memory, its landscape, environmental and urban, a treasure to preserve. In this natural setting, the love and the respect for the environment meets the theme of the collection: a value and an important example to transfer to the new generations.

Here, in Baveno,  was born the “Baveno Eco Challenge”, a collective challenge sponsored by the City of Baveno that involves all its citizens in civic engagement that will end in September 2013 with two international events. A social adventure that aims to raise awareness of locals and tourists on the theme of recycling, turning waste into resource. The goal is to enable a group perspective and a synergy that could show, even to all the tourists (about 500 thousand visitors in the 2012 season), how to promote measures for the reduction of pollution and wasteful of resources .

Until August, citizenship can join the project by collecting plastic bottles to make ecological rafts. On September the first the “Baveno ECO RACE” will take place. The ecological rafts will compete on the water of the Gulf of Baveno, while on 8th.September 2013 , the rafts will be re-used to build a floating bridge of at least 100 meters in length stretched between two harbors on the lakefront. The “ECO baveno BRIDGE” will be the lightest and longest pedestrian bridge in the world, built with recyclable materials at no cost with the goal to win the “Guinness World Records”.

This is one more reason to choose one of the facilities located in Baveno – Grand Hotel Dino, Hotel Simplon, Splendid Hotel, Residence Carl & Do – participating in the project “Lake Maggiore Green Meeting”, to organize eco – friendly meetings. The Maggiore Lake is the first “eco – friendly” congress destination in the Italian and Swiss markets with four hotels, two of which, Hotel Splendid and Hotel Simplon, with EMAS certification.