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The next edition of the Grand Turismo Italia will start from Hotel Splendid in Baveno on Monday 13 May. The organisers reserved the pool area for the participants, where they will be serve an Aperitif starting from 14.00. At 20.00 they will have a short drivers briefing and then they are picked up by a boat taxi that will take them to Fishermans Island for dinner. Gran Turismo Italia is a seven day road trip in Italy for owners of super cars. Starting by Lago Maggiore it takes the participant on a journey through the coast line of Liguria and the italian riviera to the rolling hills of Tuscany and back to Lombardy again. It is week containing the best Italy has to offer, in terms of fantastic driving roads, spectacular locations and fine dining. On the last day of the schedule, the road trip pinnacles with a truly unique experience – driving the Passo del Futa together with the historic rally of Mille Miglia. This is Gran Turismo at its best, and welcome to the country that invented it – Italy.